Why it is more important for school to adopt the online world more than ever

Author Ruchi Ranjita

What is Online Teaching?

Online teaching is a medium where you can learn from home through computer, Mobile or iPad from best teachers over internet.

Importance of online learning:

Already some learning app started online class platform for extra tuition. Parents are preferring it due to both are working and it’s easy to manage children’s study. Online learning app is quite popular in working parents inspire to go to classes. Also students have benefit of studying by good teachers through online teaching. You don’t have to travel for study, you can learn from any corner. So, if students are appearing for any board exams or competitive exams, it’s easy to learn from anywhere to score good marks. Online learning is also good for working professionals. They can also learn online courses to upgrade their professional qualification which helps them in promotion and better salary.

In current scenario due to COVID19 pandemic everything is closed including schools, colleges, training institute,coaching institutions, hobby classes or any kind of extra curricular activities. But we can’t stop learning due to this pandemic. Also it’s difficult for parents to engage children at home. Especially for small kids. They don’t have any activities. Even they are not able to go to play. For students who are giving board exams or any professional courses they can’t stop learning. We don’t know when we will return to normal life. We have to increase online teaching with the ease of home. Students can learn more than the face to face classes as through multimedia they can grab more clear concept of the subjects. Multimedia content is very effective in helping students learn and retain the learning over a period of time.

Advantages of online learning:

Online learning is also cost effective. It’s cheaper than face to face learning. Online courses are easily accessible on much smaller budgets. In addition to the convenience and the cost, a large number of students are turning to online learning courses because they have become a better way to learn. Those students who are serious about improving their understanding, learning new skills and gaining valuable qualifications are keen to enroll in the type of course that will be the most effective. Most of the Offline courses needs to struggle to retain students. But in online classes it will increase the rate of retention of students.Also investment of time is less than face to face classes. Regular assessment of classes will engage students in study. They will more sincere for their study as compared to face to face study. It will also increase knowledge of subjects by regular studies.It’s also worth noting that the most often students are assessed, the better their tutors are able to keep track of their progress. Increased student tracking means that tutors are able to step in earlier when assistance is needed. By the research it also concluded that the e-learning is also a good option for environment.

The Open University in Britain have found that online courses equate to an average of 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than face to face learning in person courses.


On the basis of above reasons we can conclude that the e-learning is better option than face to face learning.It is good to go for online learning at this time of pandemic situation and during the new normal where in-person engagements would always put you in risk of some infection. It is better to be safe and keep others safe as well for the betterment of the society.

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