The Time is now – Online Teaching for Schools!

Author : Suvanu Raha

The recent pandemic has changed the entire education scenario. The country with a massive population of 3 billion people are all fighting this pandemic with all their heart to get back to normal life. What is Normal life? The definition of NORMAL is changing every day, we call it THE NEW NORMAL. Like every sector in this country the education industry has taken a huge blow.

The Industry to Define Future!

Education is such an industry which decides future of millions of souls. Starting from pre-nursery to Masters all are associated with this industry. Impact on education means impact on the country’s future generations, impact on new innovations and many other things.  Students across the country are into a fix about their future progress. We as a country can’t let students to fear about their future. The big question arises- What could be done to make sure student’s learning is not affected?

The answer to this is not simple but yes, we can think of solutions to this question or problem. Let me just introduce this solution in a different way.

Stuck in the Past? Need the Change!

We have been familiar to internet for many years now, there was a time when I was a student and I had a dial up internet connection and the speed used to vary between 30-40 kbps.Sitting today in this digital era, I can’t even think of a speed below 10-20 Mbps in urban areas and 1-2 Mbps in rural sides. Still in those days of dial up connections we used to do social networking, read articles and search different things on google out of curiosity. We even managed blurred Skype calls with our family members settled abroad. I am telling all these not to compare between two eras but to highlight the use of internet for betterment.

The Classrooms of Future!

Now, I introduce a solution for the above-mentioned problem which is a massive one. The solution is introducing online learning in every school. In today’s market there are several applications already running with digital contents to help students learn. Schools should collaborate with them and start using those tools to reach every student. Most people have smart phones today except in remote villages. Why not use those smart devices as a solution to this problem? Why only use a phone to call or message? Use them in a right way to help your child to continue his/her education.

Educators, Are you listening too?

The education institutions on the other hand should be adopting this format of education at the earliest. This online education format is going to be a sustainable form of education in the coming future. Initially there will be a lot of obstructions and difficulties in adopting the same as educators are more comfortable in classroom teaching, but like every new change when comes to execution people learn and adapt to the new changes. For example, people have adapted to this new world with masks as a part of everyday wear. Similarly, all teachers and professors will adapt to this new format of teaching and once they are used to this new format, I am sure they will encourage this format more. On the other side with this digital format of education schools/colleges can also save on their costs to an extent. When talking about online world it is not only about education but also about other activities like online fee payments, online assessments, online results and feedback’s from faculties, receiving assignments and Home Works online and online admission of students. Online world is beneficial to both the parties and the pro side overcrowds the con side.

Conclusion: There is a solution to every Problem.

Let me now conclude by saying that it is high time educators should realise this problem and take up this new format of education in a full-fledged manner. Critical analysis and too much of discussions will not solve any problem but will delay the process. Gear up for online education to continue providing seamless education to the students. Let all of us support and help all the education stakeholders in adopting this new format and bring in the change to encourage students to build a better future.

“Going ONLINE is the NEW NORMAL.”

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