Why Is It More Important for Schools To Adopt The Online World, More Than Ever!

Author – Priya Sachdeva

Life can be quite unpredictable at times, but we must bear in mind that nothing is impossible if we have the determination to accomplish something. Every challenge comes with a hidden opportunity and we can make the best out of a difficult situation using our wisdom. I believe the current global crisis nudges us to think and learn together and simplify many things in life the Whole Country Is Facing Pandemic So It’s Important to Choose Virtual Teaching as It Is Helping Us for Meeting the Current Needs by Prioritize Child’s Mental, Emotional, Behavioral And Physical Health.

The Parent’s Choice

Parents Choice of pace and approach – parents have the charge of schedule, grade level, learning approach, curriculum with warm family environment as family is the best foundation for social development as well as values and faith development. By Opting the online world, a child has efficient learning – a low student teacher ratio. A child gets more time for play indoor/outdoor, project, art craft and real experiments. This is a way of meeting compulsory attendance by students at the ease and comfort of their home.

What should Schools do?

 Schools should opt this online method as this will not lead us to no education for a long time because we don’t know how long will it take to go back to normal living as we were before this pandemic situation, we should not sacrifice a student education because it’s  one thing which help a person to grow and learnt many things from it. Teachers can choose digital platforms such as Edmodo, skype, zoom and YouTube as these platforms help to teach students from middle and high school – by posting assignments and online lectures.

The Clock Effect!

The classes are basically scheduled between 9am – 2:30pm and slots can be chosen according to everyone ease and comfort. Parents have an excess of what students are doing and learning. Teachers should check online presence of students by asking questions related to the topic which she is teaching. Assignments can be given to students related to the topic taught over online classes. Learning Online is a fantastic way to increase your knowledge and skills in a unique flexible environment this helps keep your mind and body health. Schedule breaks – get up walk around, schedule your distractions. Ask your instructors for help when you need it – let them know if you are ill and unable to login etc. Online learning helps in recorded videos, pause and write brief summary of what you have heard videos are available for watch it later also and you can save your work. Online classes help in more information in less time


Sometimes changes are good in life tough it is not easy to cope up with the new change as we are used to the old trends. Moving ourselves for online learning can be innovative and this situation of pandemic has made certain things clear such as knowledge is important and it should be spread among-st everyone in the world

What more you can do :

Set Daily Goals for Studying, Create A Dedicated Study Space, Schedule Time to Study on A Calendar, Keep Yourself Accountable, Actively Take Notes during classes, Join the live discussions with the classmates/ tutor, Do One Thing at A Time, Take Breaks.                                                                                                             

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