Creating Spaces for Learning at Home

Author – Seema Bhoi

When you home school, you need to build a learning station for your kid where he will love spending time. Learning therefore will become full of fun when it is at his favorite place.  Home learning is a process that can enhance children’s experience with the outside world. Before confronting the outside challenges they must learn in a safe environment. Children must adapt towards positive ambiance and should be directed towards better learning which all begins at home. This is probably the best and the most positive atmosphere where children can boost their capabilities up to no extent. Here are 3 fabulous tips for creating tremendous learning spaces at home.

Parents – Be The First Teacher

As a parent, you are not only his first teacher but a lifelong companion. Giving an environment that is full of learning and family interactions is very essential for parents to play their role as teachers. You can start by building up your kid’s motor skills and allow them to grow according to their interests. You can introduce them to interesting ways to crawl, jump, run, and do more. It’s crucial to understand the abilities of children according to their age group which can be best judged by you.

Display His Artwork

Putting his raw work up there on the wall will let your child admire his creativity. A small gallery dedicated to his sketch work, first words, or even rough scribbling can be a great start.

Follow a Routine

Today, even if the children are spending their full time at home, following a daily routine will work in their favor. This may work differently depending on the age of the child. For a grown-up child, adhering to a timetable may be easy. However, little ones may need some perks to stick to a routine. You can do this by tweaking your schedule slightly to sync in with his routine.

What you should not do

Limit your children: Do not restrict any activity to your children. Allow them to explore all the fields whether it is sports, academics, or simple logical reasoning. 

Don’t strive for success: Do not make your child feel as if everything is attainable. Let there be space for mistakes. Let them know what is wrong and what can be improved. Transparent and honest learning will teach them persistence resulting in success. 

Don’t rush: Everyone has their special skills which develop with time. You must not rush them into making them do something productive. Learning is best when done with utmost precision and by giving time and space. 

Children are Always Eager to Learn

There is no doubt that children of the age group 1 to 5 have the scope of maximum learning. The initial years of their lives are full of observation, growth, and creating a space filled with a healthy atmosphere and emotions. The sole basis of learning is not only limited to academics but exploring probably every field which can be availed from home. Playing different sports with family, engaging them in household work, and practicing some logical reasoning skills will help them expand their skills.

In a Nutshell

I think home learning is the foremost step for any child to make aware of his surroundings and make his learning better. Interacting with loved ones at an early age constructs a strong pillar of foundation at the start of a child’s journey. Ensure he is around positive people. Moreover, train them to have a positive outlook on the world. The best way to imbibe this behavior is by saying ‘ It is okay! And everything will be fine”. With time, they will engross themselves with many more activities which will help expand their vision and creativity to get a clearer picture of the outside world. 

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