How to Get into the Schedule for Learning Activities at Home

Author -Manya Jaisinghani

As the number of corona virus cases across the world are on a spike, India with a dramatic surge in the number of positive cases is registering a new record with each passing day. While the educational institutes across the country are experimenting for some ways to keep up with the learning process, parents are scouring ways to encourage their lazy lads adapt to the current times of upheaval. While corporates have got the hang of the work-from-home schedule, the process is a bit tedious for the toddlers who are way too young to be given an uncensored access to technology and detrimental for teenagers already addicted to their smart screens.

Keeping pace with the current times of upheaval, when the physical classroom-based teaching seems far-fetched, it’s imperative to get accustomed to the new normal educational methodology these unprecedented times have unleashed.

Why do we need a schedule?

While the nationwide lockdown is wreathing havoc among citizens, psychologists believe that it is necessary for the people to stitch a sturdy schedule and follow it religiously specifically during these days to keep the mind and body in good shape when the the normal routine seems to have fallen apart.

Perhaps it is even more essential for students who do not have formal timetables and school bells to keep their routine in check. While the daily life has come to a standstill, having a schedule provides the mind a sense of purpose and security.

How to set a productive daily schedule?

The first and foremost task is to chalk out a schedule which matches with the Circadian Rhythm of the body. This would mean steering our daily activities by aligning them with our body’s biological clock. Researchers suggest that cognitive abilities tend to be at their peak during morning hours. This suggests that a student must keep aside morning hours before lunch forgetting ahead with their academics. Even schools must take an initiative to arrange live classes during morning hours so that it becomes imperative for students to devote their time to studies during that time.

What role do educational institutes play in this process?

The educational institutes can take an initiative to establish a virtual school environment. For instance, the timetable designed for physical discourse can be implemented for virtual classes as well.

Many schools have tried to come up with a proper regime for students to follow for online classes as well. To emulate the school set up, they start with a morning assembly and even carry on with extracurricular activities like dance classes, art & craft etc along with the core subjects. This has been done so that a student’s morale is always boosted and she/he doesn’t feel listless or bored. Furthermore, to make the process of learning laced with fun, teachers can give integrated projects in place of scheduling open book tests.

How can parents lead the way?

Parents are the primary role models of a child. They can help the children adapt to these changing times by taking the lead themselves. If they want their child get into a schedule, they must follow one rigorously themselves first.

While designing a proper regime for academics, parents must ensure that their child’s passions get fuelled and hobbies get nurtured. To overcome the boredom that might creep in due to monotonous schedule and mundane surroundings, they can hunt for some online classes as well. This ensures optimum utilisation of the technology to help their children get equipped with additional skills ensuring a continuous learning process.

How to simulate the surroundings?

To simulate the surroundings during study hours, one may also try to use proper table chair set up, sit in peaceful surroundings with adequate lighting, maintain a proper posture and dress decently. This makes a person stay alert and maintain a right attitude needed while studying. To ensure that the chances of getting distracted get minimised, one must make sure that there is no other gadget around than the one in which class is being attended.

Furthermore, one must take a note that schedule should be properly equipped with deadlines to adhere to. One can try bullet journaling or schedule daily tasks aligned with clock. Setting-up alarms to indicate shift in the schedules can also help to a great extent.

A caveat…

Lastly as they say, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” While designing a schedule one must squeeze out time for leisure activities as well. Our mind is like a machine and taking adequate rest acts as its fuel. Moreover, when stepping out of home is not an option to avail, it’s our family we need to support us. One must utilise these days to strengthen the emotional bonds with near and dear ones. Perhaps it can be made a part of schedule itself.

To conclude I would like to add that above having a schedule it’s self-discipline that is the golden thread to a successful life. Having a firm determination in mind and focusing on our end-goals will eventually pave the way!

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