Effective Remote Learning Innovations in Technology

Mr Sumit Shukla, Founder CEO of conneXRM Pte Ltd

The recent pandemic of Covid19 in the world brought the world to a complete stand-still for more than 5 months starting the year of 2020. This led to a halt of economic activities for a lot of sectors leading to a high unemployment ratio and dragging the economy of multiple countries towards pandemic recession; perhaps biggest in the world post the great depression.

Education sector, which largely is termed as recession-free witnessed its biggest nemesis in Covid19 as the safety of children; being a paramount objective; led to complete closure of schools. Not only this led to cancellation of exams but also delayed the advent of new sessions in the schools.

Various Indian and International boards took swift decisions of promoting students based on their internal assessments. Huge unemployment among the masses led to erosion of payment of fee by the parents which is supposed to be the primary income source for the schools. Thus, came the bigger challenge of sustaining the job of teachers for the schools leading the schools to look towards Technology as the saviour of the situation and making their operations near normal that were facing the biggest dilemma of the lifetime.

Connexrm (An Apar Technologies Company), which has been in the education world for more than 3 years now in the country decided to take this challenge head on and provide the schools with multiple options that would help them in floating over the situation with aplomb thus keeping their pace up in the market for the ongoing education and towards attracting new admissions for their school as well.

Working on the philosophy of the famous scholar “Socrates” who once said, “The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.

When we analysed this statement, we realized that new comes only when you can understand what has been lacking in the old or not present in the old at all; meaning there was no old in the system. Replacement of old becomes necessary not because it was not efficient but may be because it is not as effective as it is today. This became our motto and the desire to get the new system to the use which are effective for today and hence our journey so far.

Our journey in the education sector has been one of the exciting ones with our flagship product eLite SIS (www.elite-sis.com) and eUPP (www.eupp.in) being one of the pole bearers for the education segment with multiple schools signing on our platforms and deriving maximum benefits in the past as well.

However, this was not enough during the pandemic and drove us to innovate further to provide the best services to our more than 200 clients (plus a lot of new ones).

This desire to innovate helped us build eSIS Online Enablement Kit over our flagship product eLite SIS to answer a plethora of questions which meant

  1. Smooth streaming online live classes facility
  2. Management of overall classes, with classes running information in a glance
  3. Platform which can run on low bandwidth internet and can be accessed through Mobiles
  4. Functionality like whiteboard or writing surface etc
  5. A Solution which runs the classes as a whole and just not an automated Video Lecture to provide the Humane Touch during the Remote Online Class Management

Not going towards the underlying technology provided by Microsoft as our partner, the eSIS online system comprises of

  1. eSIS Online Video Collaboration Suite using Microsoft Teams as the Collaboration and the Authoring Platform
  2. We provided them with an Admin portal, to create and manage all the classes. The management is on one admin level, then distributed on each faculty level here.
  3. We created the whole infra of school in channels, and provide the facility for students to come and join the classes with one link and teachers will be changing the lectures as they would normally do in the regular classroom
  4. We added the concept of timetable, lesson plans and assignments to the bundle so that all of that along with the study material management can be managed at the central and single UI level
  5. Not just this, we gave them the functionality to get their notification channel up and running, because they would need more information to be sent through SMSs with this offering
  6. And all these functions are paid through eUPP (www.eupp.in) which is our unified payment portal where they can avail the services of making their student pay Fee online without any upfront or implementation charges.
  7. And last but not the least, we added the portal for online assessment to make the offers more practical and useful for institutions, now they can design their own questions, test papers and have students practice or give actual tests online.

By mixing the features of Student Management System like eLite SIS and then enabling an Online Kit over it, we have now been successfully able to transform the education style of more than 100 schools in less than two months’ timeframe. And, to make the offer a complete SaaS package, we added Training for the Teachers, Business Hour Support for next 6 months and email IDs for all the teachers and students into the package.

It is now prudent to describe the product eLite SIS on which the entire technology innovation has been completed. eLite SIS is tailored to show the natural progression of the student by including all feature of the conventional system and adding the following features of the advanced technology like below to provide a complete Learning Path of the student; applied to each student personally.

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI) – To analyse and put in the right natural rules for making the life of system users and the students as the stakeholders get the desired information without making much efforts to help them plan better
  • Internet of things(IoT) – The non-intrusive way where the sensors can provide enough data points to make the AI component more intelligent over a period
  • Intelligent Assessment – Not typically from the course material or the theory as we call it but based on the natural application of the material that is being taught in the curriculum. This is a very powerful tool for deciding the Learning Outcomes as the better and intelligent your assessment is, better the working of the AI on the data would be and ultimately better the Learning Outcomes would be.
  • Business Analytics – Perhaps the most widely misused word but the introduction is self-explanatory. Without an intelligent business analytics, the important part of the Stakeholders called as Management would never be able to make an intelligent decision on taking the right call at the right time.

eLite SIS after a 2.5 Years of Journey approximately, has given a fresh look at the system for managing students and their relationships. The fresh look and the strong feature list of the system makes it one of the unique systems available in the market currently. Of course, we are not talking about custom built applications being converted to a product but talking about a conventionally built product on the platform ready to use.

About Connexrm (An Apar Technologies Company)

Connexrm Pte Ltd, a Singapore Headquartered company, has been managing various products in the education sector for more than 3 years and has a portfolio of products under its umbrella to help an institution cover the entire paradigm of their requirements. conneXRM is managed by Apar Technologies as their primary investor and Mr Sumit Shukla, Founder CEO of the company who has been instrumental in designing and innovating the product to be launched in the market. The markets covered by conneXRM in this short span of time include India, Vietnam, Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia with aggressive targeting of the US and European markets in the current and next year in plans.

The product portfolio of conneXRM contains:

  • eLite SIS (www.elite-sis.com) : Gartner mentioned Student Relationship Management System
  • eLite BAM (www.elite-bam.com ) : the ERP backbone of the solution
  • eUPP (www.eupp.in) : A unified payment portal for the educational institutes to consolidate their fee and payments
  • eQuaze (www.equaze.in) : An RPA based query and redressal system for institutions looking for automation of grievance management

For more information about products and discover how we can help your institution make a technologically advanced school, please call at 1-800-212-1737 or email us at sisinfo@apar.com

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