How Parents Become Supplementary Educators

Author- Ruchi Ranjhita


Supplementary education means out of school learning.Where additional support given to students.And supplementary educators means who is providing additional support to students for curriculum subjects including all languages, history and cultural enrichment activities such as faith, arts and sports.


In India both parents and students realized that education is most important for life.So the educated parents are started giving support to their children.For school it’s not possible to give supplementary education to students.Some of the problems that beset education, particularly at the school level, are quality of teachers, lack of regular teacher training, low teacher-to-student ratio, ineffective instruction material, variation in individual needs for instruction and practice, etc.In current scenario due to COVID 19 there is a risk of getting infected by virus to our children’s. So it is important for us to protect our childrens. Due to this all schools/colleges are closed.So education from school is not possible for students.That’s why currently all education is doing from home via online mode of learning.So that they can learn in this pandemic time.

Role of Parents

Parents plays an important role in helping their children’s in education.Without support of parents children can’t learn.Due to more students less teachers in class, teachers can’t give more time to one students.So students need to teach at home by parents for good understanding of learning concept.From last some years students are teaches by their parents also at home but the students whose parents are not educated have not this support.So some NGOs came forward to teach them.But in the current scenario role of parents increased. Till the school will reopen parents full support is important.Otherwise it’s difficult for children to learn.Today’s education is doing from videos or online classes via apps like Microsoft Team, Google classroom, zoom etc.

Schools made whatsapp group according to classes and providing tutorial material , assignments, videos etc via this group.Also schedule of classes is inform on this group.Parents have to provide the all the study material , assignments,videos etc to their children’s on timely manner.They have to remind their children for online classes and monitor their children what is going on in class.So that they can manage their study on regular basis.Otherwise it’s difficult for parents to manage studies.Also they have to monitor the homework given by teachers.Parents have to monitor their children for regular studies at home otherwise children’s will take study as granted because there is no regular school.

Schools are taking test, dictation and exams through online.Parents have to prepare their children’s for exam by following the material provided on whastapp group.And they have to play role of exam invigilator at home.Children’s are giving exam through own ,not taking any help of books or notebooks.And they are taking exam seriously even through home.


So there is very important role of parents in their children’s study from starting of education.They are a 2nd teacher at home from whose support children’s are doing well at all exams.And in this pandemic time also studies are not stopped.It’s continue with the support of parents.So the parents become supplementary educators for children’s since long time but in current scenario their role is most important.

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