How to prepare for home-based remote learning by leveraging technology

Author – Aman Singh

By estimating the present situations, majority of educational institutions and corporate players have started to resume their operations by harnessing the technical aspects present today. Although, not all have access to these advancements in the technology because of which their functioning remains on a limited level.

It is “technology” that has taken the world to heights which was thought as impossible few years back. The evolution of mobile phones, computers, internet, and a plethora of other constraints of the cyber world have made the human life more energetic and time saving. We must not forget that; technology has drawbacks too, but their merits far outweigh everything else.

Technology: Good or Bad?

We have evolved into a world where, a life without the use of technology can’t be imagined. Be it home, office, car; you name it and technology is already making your life easier in some way or the other.
With the rising levels of globalization, technology is reaching all the dark corners where it was not able to spread earlier. Today every individual carries a smartphone and has access to fast speed internet on the go. Considering the current situation, technology is saving lives on a large scale. Now, if we think about the shift towards remote learning to ensure seamless educational services delivered to complete corners of the world. Even though we have technology on our fingertips, making use of it wisely and judiciously is the most important aspect that needs to be take care of.
Having technology and using it properly are two different things, just like having a smartphone but having no SIM card. We have technologies that can change our world but, there is a need to have proper knowledge to leverage them. Highlighting the current scenario, home based remote learning is not yet harnessed by a significant number of individuals. The main problem is being faced by our nations rural areas where implementing such set up requires a lot of time, energy, and manpower. Apart from this, labours, daily wage earners living in sub-urban and urban areas also face such problems as their household income can’t even meet up to the average national income.

What it Demands!

To harness technology for remote learning experience the requirements involve: –
*fast, stable internet connection (connects you to the world)
*mobile device, laptop, desktop (for viewing the programs)
*applications like google meet, Skype (a virtual classroom)

But, possessing these things and being able to use them is another set of factors responsible for a hassle-free experience. On the other hand, there must be a touch of innovation and creativity for making these learning practices interesting and visually appealing. We must not forget the sole drivers of these virtual classrooms i.e. teachers and trainers, they should be thorough with all the required expertise in the field of technology to present and process the flow of information.

The Upside of it!

Technology has created many opportunities for teachers to provide innovative learning experiences for students. An even greater benefit is that these learning experiences can take place regardless of the time and place and offer students more personalized opportunities for interacting with their peers. With so many choices now available, sometimes deciding on a specific digital tool or a type of tool can present a challenge. For the ones who are new to the high-tech world, depending upon the personal preferences of parents and children they must select a device that’s easy on the pocket, not complex to work on, equipped with a camera and hassle-free internet connectivity. Internet connectivity must be considered for a seamless internet connection with a budget friendly data plan and then it’s good to go.

 On the contrary, excluding the physical entities mentioned above the most vital part is “EDUCATION” because of which we all are here today and reading this blog !!!!!

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