How Moms Manage Taking care of their Toddlers and School-Going Kids’ Studies

Author : eLite SIS

Thirty-three-year-old Neha Bhatia lives in Bihar, takes care of her six months old son, and was worried because she was unable to keep a check on the studies of her school-going girl. There must be hundreds of moms who have similar concerns. Right?

Of course!

To help out all the mothers, schools today have started incorporating modern technology, like virtual parent-teacher meeting.

Yes, you heard it right!

Now moms can give proper time to their toddlers along with keeping a check on the studies of their school-going children. They can discuss their concerns online with any teacher and can check how their children is performing in academies by login to the portal at their convenient time. If a mom sees the graph of her child performance is going downwards, she can talk to the teacher directly using web.

Virtual parent-teacher meeting is very parent-friendly because you can discuss your problems at your convenient time, and also, you do not have to rush to the school. Moms can login to the system during the nap time of their babies. You might have guilt of not giving proper time to the studies of your school-going children, but this system can solve your proper to a large extent. Isn’t it? You can provide coaching and other help depending on the performance of your children. 

Being a mom actually is a round-the-clock job. As a mother, you problem-solve every day. You know wisely how to spend your limited spare time in looking after your school-going children. Understanding the hustles of parents, educational institutes today have piloted student information system to support all the stakeholders, including students, parents, admin, management and teachers. This system features online communication along with several other benefits. Indeed, it is a blessing for the schools as well as parents because it brings people together, offers transparent communication, and delivers excellent learning experience to students.

Student information system is built using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and offers hundred percent security. Having this system in place will surely have a positive impact on parents, teachers, students and other related entities.

With a toddler, it’s challenging for mothers to find time for any activity, but surely, technology like virtual parent-teacher meeting, student information system is a great help to ensure their children are performing well in school.

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