Attention Educational Institutes! Break the conventional Shackles as Generation Z won’t settle for less

Author : eLite SIS

The visionaries have ruled the world, but the future belongs to Generation Z who are presently attending schools. A recent survey indicates that more than 90% of Gen Z believe that technology in the classroom is important to nurture their creativity and gear them for a better future. Below are some of their qualities:

  • These talented children demand online learning round-the-clock.
  • They are not only driven by Facebook and Instagram, but are more focused and career-driven. You won’t believe how talented they are! Many of them have already made their feet to startups.
  • Gen Z is curious and not a passive learner.
  • They have access to internet 24*7*365 to get answers to their never-ending questions.
What can be done to cover the expectations of Gen Z?

Educational institutions must act as a catalyst to add value in Gen Z skills

To stay relevant to these knowledge-hungry people, education institutions need to pace up with the digital world. Technology like Student Information System, Artificial Intelligence is now the necessity for institutions to make students stronger, more skilled and future-ready.

Meeting the expectation of Gen Z

Generation Z has witnessed horrifying events like 9/11, 2008 financial recession, and terrorism. This generation does not live in a fancy world, they live in reality and understand it very well. The advancement in technology to enhance their learning has not lost their faith in the education institutions and educator.

A survey by Deloitte, The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019 shows that Gen Z has put the responsibility on educators for preparing workers for Industry 4.0 i.e. industries with smart factories with forward-thinking connectivity and where entire work can be envisioned to support decision making. This means that generation Z students are already investing on education sectors and educators, hence, the educational institutions must have to do the other needful tasks.

It the responsibility of the institutions to meet the expectation of the Gen Z by embracing digital transformation, automating administrative system and integrating student information system to deliver the world-class student services to help Gen Z to succeed in their future.

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