Common Mistakes done by Education Institutes while Implementing Student Information System

Author : eLite SIS

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformation.” George Couros

A student information system has become a buzzword among educators nowadays!

It can manage grades, attendance, generates students reports, and more to transform an educational institution. Thus, choosing the right student information system and its successful implementation can help you in achieving scholastic goals by maximizing the productivity of your institution. It is essential to be careful while implementing SIS. Avoid the following mistakes as they may result in huge loss of time and money, and negatively affect your reputation:

Improper Planning- The most common mistake that schools and colleges commit while implementing an ERP-CRM integrated system is improper planning. It is important to understand that SIS is not a magic wand that would resolve the institute’s concerns just like that. The foremost thing should be detailed consultation with the teachers, faculty, and staff members of all departments to know the problems being faced by them in managing tasks manually. Having an understanding of their problems would help in making a smart decision by including all the features.

Inaccurate Data- Irrespective of the execution of the implementation of education ERP software, you would still fail if you provide inaccurate data. For proper student information management, it is imperative to feed accurate data in the educational ERP tool. Therefore, institutes must carefully input data during the transformation phase

Ignoring the Deployment Options- Cloud and on-premises are two types of education ERPs that are widely used worldwide. On-premise is the conventional one, offering great results, but it has drawbacks such as complex implementation, a huge manpower required, time-consuming, and costly technology with limited accessibility. Therefore, it is favorable for schools to switch to the cloud ERP. It can effortlessly handle everything using the internet, hence saving time and revenue of the institutions.

Inadequate Knowledge and Training- The credibility of the student management software substantially depends on how it is being managed. The users must have adequate knowledge about the functionalities of the system and what it could bring to the table. It is essential for the service providers to give proper training sessions initially so that users can understand the know-how of the ERP-CRM integrated solution and double the outcomes.

Not Choosing the Right Student Management System- There’s a flood of SIS vendors in the market. The era of marketing and advertising makes everyone claims that their product is the best. However, being a responsible educator, make sure you do not fall into the honey trap of swindlers and think wisely before taking any decision. Pick a reliable, renowned, and experienced SIS Company that can help you achieve long-term scholastic goals.

To Sum Up- Implementing and maintaining an accurate student information system can enhance the operational efficiency, optimize resources, and escalate the overall performance of the institution.

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