Are we innovating or just digitizing conventional teaching?

Author : eLite SIS

Schools and colleges boast of integrating modern technology in their premises like blended learning. It is certainly the new fad that has grabbed everybody’s attention! Talk to any school or college, all your discussion would be around the notion of this modern tech. However if you probe further, you’ll observe that the systems incorporated by most of these institutes have just digitized existing content and classroom procedures.

Instead of filling teacher’s desk with worksheets, students now complete the same tasks online. Rather than writing homework assignments on their notebooks, students submit the same to their teacher on the web. While blended learning brings innovation, there is the threat that it could just replicate existing practices with expensive tools. Blended learning has the potential to transform the complete work process of an institute if we are willing to make the most use of its diverse features. It can take learners on a continuous journey through the flipped classroom approach. It can lead to better learner engagement, knowledge retention, and behavior change on the work. A Department of Education meta-analysis of blended learning research from 1996-2006 found that blended learning students outperformed those in fully online or fully in-person classes.

Not just in educational institutes, this innovation has been integrated by many renowned companies and have experienced its extensive benefits. Follow the footprints amalgamated with your ideas to explore the road to success. 

Papa Murphy’s Pizza incorporated Augmented Reality for On boarding 

The take-and-bake pizza company, Papa Murphy’s Pizza rolled out an AR training campaign, showcasing engaging videos to attract and educate their mobile workforce. For factory workers and production line employees, the company presents a new level of process visualization that builds confidence with minimal risk to the employee and the business. They prepare the customer-facing employees by placing them in a highly immersive situation so that they are better prepared for what may happen out “on the floor” in real life with little risk.

Publicist Sapient’s AI Academy

Publicist Sapient, a business strategy and technology consulting firm, created a blended learning AI Academy to up-skill their consultants in key artificial intelligence (AI) and data science skills to help win new business. To fit the busy modern learner, their L&D team looked at every possible way to provide training and then blended them together. They offered a structured program with formal employee commitment that is tied to hiring and staffing of roles at the company. To address a geographically dispersed workforce, they created a blended learning AI Academy that included online Udemy for Business courses built into learning paths in key AI and data science skills to win new business growth.

These are some of the fine examples of how blended learning is helping people in their personal growth and for the company’s success.

Incorporating its extensive features is the foremost thing in the education vertical to provide students with a more personalized, active learning experience. Indeed, the concept of blended learning is not new, but the advances in technology have completely transformed it. We need to change with the time and ensure that it does not just digitized existing content and classroom procedures.

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