How Campus Information System is Beneficial for Teachers

Author : eLite SIS

Campus information system can improve efficiency by automated different work operations, bringing transparency and connecting all stakeholders. It is a necessity of every education setup, be it is a school, college, or university. It has offered gamut of benefits to students and parents.

In this article, we’ll discuss how teachers can reap maximum benefits of campus information system. As the environment getting more challenging day-by-day, teachers have been loaded with endless responsibilities like student management, attendance, assessments, maintaining records, taking remedial action, assigning homework, guiding projects, filling in report cards, interacting with parents, and organizing events. It is herculean to be answerable for the students’ performance all at once.

An automated system can come to rescue by offering numerous campus information system features, such as:

  • Attendance: Now say goodbye to attendance registers! By using advanced technology like campus information system, attendance can be automatically recorded and updated in the records.
  • Communication: With this automated system, communication with parents has become very easy. Teachers can send text messages and e-mails to any student. This is one of the benefits of automated system as it connects all stakeholders, like parents, teacher, faculty, students and management. In this way, teachers can connect to any student or his parents.
  • Assessments and Grading: Online assessments and grading can save time, energy and resources. Teachers can post marks of students whereas parents and students can check the result. They can even check the graphical analysis of the performance to identify weak areas and work on them accordingly.
  • Time-Tables: One of the minds boggling and tiring jobs for teachers is to prepare time-tables and assigning substitute teachers in case anyone is absent. However, with this automated system, preparing, changing and intimating students as well as teachers has become a matter of a short time.
  • Assignments: While assigning homework and projects, it is difficult for teachers to ensure whether all students have jotted down correctly or not. Also, it is another unproductive chore that will kill their precious time. However, campus information system features a specific module where teachers can post homework, resource material, notices, and messages. They can even inform parents by sending SMS or emails. This ensures that parents are aware of the homework, revision sheets, projects, upcoming events, and cannot complain about not being informed later on.
  • Exam Management: Not just for students, examination time is stressful for teachers as well. They have huge responsibilities, demanding both time and efforts for preparing exam date sheet, setting question papers, making seating arrangement, paper correction, grading, and report preparation. The exam management module of a campus information system can reduce their burden.
  • Interaction and Creativity: This automated system is integrated with social media platforms where students can interact. Interacting and discussing with peers can enhance learning.

A campus information system features various modules, minimizing paperwork for teachers and helping them use their time constructively and reducing efforts as well. It is the need of every education setup to foster an encouraging learning environment for students. So, integrate the best campus information system, covering your individual needs.

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