5 Must Integrations in any Student Information System for Seamless Work Processes

eLilte SIS

To build a strong and stable student relationship management system, you should include all the functionalities that can offer ease to parents, students, teachers and admin. A good system is designed using cutting-edge technologies and can streamline different work operations of your education setup. This article is a great help for all those institutes either planning to integrate SIS or want to update the current system.

Before investing into any school information system, it is vital to know about the integrations and functions in the system. Let’s discuss them in details:

  1. Attendance: It remains a mandatory job for every teacher to mark students’ attendance regularly. Attendance helps the faculty and parents to know number of classes missed by students. Manual attendance marking increases the possibilities of errors and it could be manipulated by anybody by accessing the attendance registers. Student information systems can rectify this issue by marking attendance digitally. Not just students, it can help monitoring the attendance of staff as well. This will help in making time-table for teachers.
  2. Transport: You can integrate the entire transport department of the school in SIS. By doing so, you can schedule buses and track the vehicle location. This is best for the safety of students as well as staff. You can even integrate SMS app for parents to help them tracking the location of bus. This will help parents/ school contact the driver or vice-versa in case of any problem.
  3. Alerts: Instant alerts are a great way to notify about important task/ event. For example parents can be send payment reminder to avoid late payment. The system admin can decide any number of alerts for better school management. This saves the management time and they can focus on event management or upcoming scheduled meetings.
  4. Budgeting Plans: This is for the school setup! Finance is one of the departments where a small error can cause huge problems. There is no room for any error in the finance department. All the money that comes in must be calculated properly and then sent to the right place for its proper utilization. Student relationship management system can avoid all complexities and help in managing the school’s cash flow. It keeps a detailed account of income and expenses for better finance management.
  5. Inventory: School needs an organized inventory and integrating a school information system is a great way to track various school material such as books, stationery and laboratory instruments. You can maintain record of students who have got books from the library, track the stationery material used for different classes, etc.
  6. These are some of the basic integrations for the smooth and efficient functioning of schools. These are beneficial for all educational organizations whether it is school, college, university or any institute. If you are looking at one-time-investment for streamlining different work operations, a school management system with all these functions is the right solution for you. This will also help in providing a great learning experience to your students and building a future and reputation of your school.

    For more information about products and discover how we can help your institution make a technologically advanced school, please call at 1-800-212-1737 or email us at sisinfo@apar.com

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