How Student Information System Helps Teachers to Balance Work and Students Effectively

Author : eLite SIS

Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher. Teachers play a significant role in student’s life. They are one of the strongest pillars, helping students in building a prosperous career by showing them the right direction. Apart from teaching students, they serve a myriad range of other roles in classroom and schools, such as ensuring class maintains the decorum, mentoring, promoter, controller, management, director, curriculum development and many more. Their responsibilities are not limited to these mentioned ones, they have to perform administrative duties and tasks manually, including:

Taking attendance everyday:

The foremost job of a teacher is to take daily attendance of the students manually in the register. This is a tedious and time-consuming task. Also, it is prone to errors.

Collecting and verifying assignments:

Assigning homework, collecting and verifying every individual’s work is again a time-taking job.


Teachers have to administer examination-related work. They have to enter marks manually in the register and keep them updated for the complete session. Also, they have to generate report cards for the same.

Interaction with parents:

Teachers have to communicate with the parents as well to update them about their children’s academic performance and general behavior in the class. Also, they have to resolve parents’ problems in case they have any doubts or complaints. This is done either during parent-teacher meeting or by sending a note in students’ diary. However not every student shows the note written by his parents to the teacher.

Prepare timetable and syllabus for the complete session:

Manual timetable generation and syllabus planning in large sheets is prone to errors and a time-consuming process

With these multiple roles, it is difficult for teachers to manage everything along with teaching students. Adopting Campus Management Software can help them a lot, plus it will help to offer a great learning experience to students. Student Information Systemic an advance platform that is designed by combining SMAC-ready (Social, Analytics, Mobile and Cloud) tech to provide quality education and achieving desired objectives of schools.

Student Information System is a very user-friendly and developed to reduce the manual work of school, college or other education institute and helping teachers to have more time to deliver quality teaching to their students. This platform consists of different modules, such as Campus Information, Registration, Student Information, Examination, Alumni, Service, Portal, Financial, Vendor, Operations Support, Compliance and Mobile App. Each of these modules perform specific task.  The beauty of this system is that it brings transparency, connects all stakeholders, increases efficiency and can be assessed anywhere, anytime. Apart from these pros, teachers get more time to train themselves to deliver lectures with the current academic trends.

Hence, Student Information System is a one-stop solution that allows teachers to balance their extensive responsibilities hassle-free without compromising with the quality of education. It enables school staff, students and parents to work in a safe, secure and user-friendly platform.

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