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Challenges of Integrating Payment Gateways for Institutes

Author: Bhanushreya Sharma There is a proliferation of electronic payment systems in the 21st century. Debit and credit cards have become the norm, and cash has become obsolete. Digital Payment has proved to be the most popular option among a large number of people these days. It has almost shadowed the traditional form of cash…

Digital Payments in Educational Institutes

Author: Swagata Mukherjee Payments made digitally are referred to as digital payments. Both the payer (One who makes the payment) and the payee (One who receives the payment) use digital methods to send and receive money in payments. It is widely known as “electronic payment” and has gained a significant share in transactions especially in…

eSIS Online Enablement Kit Redefining the Hybrid Mode of Education

Author : Sumit Shukla Case Study on Apar Technologies’ eSIS Online Enablement Kit and how the timely intervention of the system was able to help more than 200 Institutes / Schools to continue education in the uncertain times of Covid-19. This also enumerates the need of Hybrid Education as New Normal in the Education Industry…

Student Engagement During Summer Vacations 2021 and Beyond

Author : Siddharth Dwivedi It is almost June which means vacations in most part of the country, around 32 crore learners had already stopped to move schools/colleges, all educational activities halted in India. The outbreak of COVID-19 has advised us that change is inevitable, students generally plan their vacations in a way that they find…

How Student Information System Helps Teachers to Balance Work and Students Effectively

Author : eLite SIS Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher. Teachers play a significant role in student’s life. They are one of the strongest pillars, helping students in building a prosperous career by showing them the right direction. Apart from teaching students, they serve a myriad…


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