How Can Parents Become Supplementary Educators

Author – Gopa Dutta A home is the first school for every child and parents are their first teachers. And they continue to paly the role of teachers throughout the life of a child. From teaching them to how to eat, to recognize colors, to recognize people, instilling values etc. parents has been the firstContinue reading “How Can Parents Become Supplementary Educators”

How Can Teachers Become Remote Educators?

Author-Manya Jaisinghani Over past few months as the entire nation is reeling under the pandemic, the hustle bustle of the daily life has come to a standstill. From street vendors to multiplex owners, the employers as well as the employed have come up with ingenious ways to deal with the hardships these unprecedented times haveContinue reading “How Can Teachers Become Remote Educators?”

How to prepare for home-based remote learning by leveraging technology

Author – Aman Singh By estimating the present situations, majority of educational institutions and corporate players have started to resume their operations by harnessing the technical aspects present today. Although, not all have access to these advancements in the technology because of which their functioning remains on a limited level. It is “technology” that has taken the worldContinue reading “How to prepare for home-based remote learning by leveraging technology”

Effective Remote Learning Innovations in Technology

The recent pandemic of Covid19 in the world brought the world to a complete stand-still for more than 5 months starting the year of 2020. This led to a halt of economic activities for a lot of sectors leading to a high unemployment ratio and dragging the economy of multiple countries towards pandemic recession; perhapsContinue reading “Effective Remote Learning Innovations in Technology”

Technology for education !

Author – Aman Singh With the advent of the Nobel Corona virus pandemic, almost all the things have been disrupted very badly. Be it corporate, media, entertainment or the educational divisions all their activities have been coagulated. Taking into account the education sector, all the institutions have been asked to shut down till further ordersContinue reading “Technology for education !”

How has COVID-19 shifted the education dynamics

Author- Phalguni Sharma The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in shutting down all the educational institutions. Since the closure of the schools and colleges in more than 180 countries, learning cannot be put to a halt. While observing social distancing, the distance between the teachers and the students is decreasing with the e-learning. The institutionsContinue reading “How has COVID-19 shifted the education dynamics”

Why Is It More Important for Schools To Adopt The Online World, More Than Ever!

Author – Priya Sachdeva Life can be quite unpredictable at times, but we must bear in mind that nothing is impossible if we have the determination to accomplish something. Every challenge comes with a hidden opportunity and we can make the best out of a difficult situation using our wisdom. I believe the current globalContinue reading “Why Is It More Important for Schools To Adopt The Online World, More Than Ever!”

Online Assessment Role in Evaluating Students’ All Round Ability

Author – Manya Jaisinghani Over past few months as the world is grappling with the apprehensive corona virus, the entire Nation’s educational structure has gone for a toss! The HRD Ministry is brainstorming ideas to fathom the ability of students via year-end examinations. While CBSE is scouring ways to conduct pending board examinations, the UGCContinue reading “Online Assessment Role in Evaluating Students’ All Round Ability”

How Schools Adopted Digital Technology to Continue Teaching in this Pandemic

Author: Seema Bhoi Schools might be out of our lives for a while, but learning never will be. In that endeavor, schools have quickly turned around and adopted technology to ensure learning never stops. Thanks to the many collaboration-friendly tools which have been there for long, though more so for business purposes, the education worldContinue reading “How Schools Adopted Digital Technology to Continue Teaching in this Pandemic”

The Time is now – Online Teaching for Schools!

Author : Suvanu Raha The recent pandemic has changed the entire education scenario. The country with a massive population of 3 billion people are all fighting this pandemic with all their heart to get back to normal life. What is Normal life? The definition of NORMAL is changing every day, we call it THE NEWContinue reading “The Time is now – Online Teaching for Schools!”