Challenges of Integrating Payment Gateways for Institutes

Author: Bhanushreya Sharma There is a proliferation of electronic payment systems in the 21st century. Debit and credit cards have become the norm, and cash has become obsolete. Digital Payment has proved to be the most popular option among a large number of people these days. It has almost shadowed the traditional form of cashContinue reading “Challenges of Integrating Payment Gateways for Institutes”

eSIS Online Enablement Kit Redefining the Hybrid Mode of Education

Author : Sumit Shukla Case Study on Apar Technologies’ eSIS Online Enablement Kit and how the timely intervention of the system was able to help more than 200 Institutes / Schools to continue education in the uncertain times of Covid-19. This also enumerates the need of Hybrid Education as New Normal in the Education IndustryContinue reading “eSIS Online Enablement Kit Redefining the Hybrid Mode of Education”

5Cs of Corporate Success

Author : Sumit Shukla In my 20 years of corporate journey, I have had the privilege of witnessing an entire lifetime of offerings the corporate life can present. Boom Time, Multiple Recessions, Financial Crisis, Financial Growth, Customers Addition, Customers Attrition, Employees Addition and Growth,Employees Attrition, Good Reviews or Bad Reviews, Bull Run or Bear Run.Continue reading “5Cs of Corporate Success”

5 Must Integrations in any Student Information System for Seamless Work Processes

eLilte SIS To build a strong and stable student relationship management system, you should include all the functionalities that can offer ease to parents, students, teachers and admin. A good system is designed using cutting-edge technologies and can streamline different work operations of your education setup. This article is a great help for all thoseContinue reading “5 Must Integrations in any Student Information System for Seamless Work Processes”

Are we innovating or just digitizing conventional teaching?

Author : eLite SIS Schools and colleges boast of integrating modern technology in their premises like blended learning. It is certainly the new fad that has grabbed everybody’s attention! Talk to any school or college, all your discussion would be around the notion of this modern tech. However if you probe further, you’ll observe thatContinue reading “Are we innovating or just digitizing conventional teaching?”

How Can Parents Become Supplementary Educators?

Author – Seema Bhoi With each passing year, children will grow and leap into the world to find their place between family, friends, relatives, work, and strangers. They will need to understand the way out to recharge their batteries, blend with the people around, and yet be a unique individual. I believe, as a parent,Continue reading “How Can Parents Become Supplementary Educators?”

How Parents Become Supplementary Educators

Author- Ruchi Ranjhita Meaning Supplementary education means out of school learning.Where additional support given to students.And supplementary educators means who is providing additional support to students for curriculum subjects including all languages, history and cultural enrichment activities such as faith, arts and sports.  Aspects In India both parents and students realized that education is mostContinue reading “How Parents Become Supplementary Educators”

Setting up Virtual Learning Environment

Author – Gopa Bezboruah Dutta This pandemic situation where millions of people has been affected by COVID-19, life is not normal for most of us. In China where the virus was first detected has spread throughout the world killing lakhs of people. No vaccine has been invented till now, though many countries have tried toContinue reading “Setting up Virtual Learning Environment”

Creating Spaces for Learning at Home

Author – Seema Bhoi When you home school, you need to build a learning station for your kid where he will love spending time. Learning therefore will become full of fun when it is at his favorite place.  Home learning is a process that can enhance children’s experience with the outside world. Before confronting theContinue reading “Creating Spaces for Learning at Home”

How to Get into the Schedule for Learning Activities at Home

Author -Manya Jaisinghani As the number of corona virus cases across the world are on a spike, India with a dramatic surge in the number of positive cases is registering a new record with each passing day. While the educational institutes across the country are experimenting for some ways to keep up with the learningContinue reading “How to Get into the Schedule for Learning Activities at Home”